Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Smoke has a nice fight

The vet has been.  Smoke is very thin (this is really obvious),  more or less stable (physically perhaps, not mentally) and is doing 'okay'.

After Smoke put up firm resistance to the examination, the vet declined to either get a blood sample to see how her kidneys had deteriorated or clip her claws.  Smoke's claws are a hazard to everyone at the moment, but the vet thought it would distress her too much to be held and clipped.  Just trying to get a look at her teeth had been quite a challenge.  The poor old cat didn't manage to draw blood though, she is really feeling her age.

The dosage recommendation is for a cat of 1kg.  This may be overestimating her weight.  There is nothing to her, I am scared to pick her up in case I hurt her.  This is a recent thing.  When she was younger I had no hesitation in lifting and dropping when necessary.

The vet thought that she may be around for a few months only.  I think it was this time last year that a vet first said that.  I expect I shall still be bullied by Smoke next Christmas, and possibly the Christmas after.

 Smoke is now sulking in front of the fire, feeling very sorry for herself.  Long may she continue to be a hazard. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A New Cover!

Tom (Thomas Marlowe) has kindly designed an amazing, exactly what I want, brilliant cover for the next book.

All I need to do now is write something that lives up to it!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bible quotes

It's amazing how you can find the Word in all sorts of contexts...

I am not sure who originally posted this, as it is in a few places on the net - but that is such a brave, or very stupid cat. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Getting giddy

I've not sold many books through Amazon to date - and I am very grateful to anyone who has bought one.  I put stuff up through Smashwords, and I have sold half a dozen there - and I am just as grateful.  However I have only just realised that I may have sold books elsewhere.  It has taken a few months for the penny to drop that Smashwords do distribute to places like Kobo and Sony and if some have been sold there, then they may not immediately show.  I have always been a bit rubbish at actually getting things like this.  It is not a useful character trait.

So I went on a bit of an ego trip, and I had a rummage in some of the places that Smashwords distribute to, and found that in the category of contemporary fantasy priced at 99c I am approximately (too giddy to remember the actual numbers) 250 out of 450 in 'bestselling' order.

It is a bit hard to grasp.  I mean, people out there who I don't know may have bought a book.  This is taking it out of the literary equivalent of tupperware, selling to family and friends, and into a scary place.  And I don't know how many yet I've sold.  I am guessing around six or so, which is a big deal for me, a big step out into a scary world. 

According to Smashwords refreshingly open t&cs I should be updated at the end of January.  Today is the 19th January.  I have twelve days to go.  I shall be a wreck by the end of this.  I could have it all wrong, there may be no sales (and I will be devastated now, rather than all accepting as I was before I looked), but if there is more than six it will be equally shocking - and mean that I have to be a bit more serious about my writing.

Watch this space for self indulgent stressing!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lady Dinah's Emporium

According to the BBC someone in London is opening a cafe where you can go and get a coffee and cuddle a cat.  It is for those who cannot have pets but have a deep, deep yearning to stroke something feline.  The news story is here and it isn't even 1st April!  Apparently they are going to have segregated areas so the cats are not in the food area, due to hygiene regulations.  Two things occurred to me when I read that.  The first point was that someone has obviously never had to keep a cat out of a place that they wanted to get into.  The second thing was that the sort of person who wants to go into a cat cafe is likely to have a calm attitude to cat hair as a garnish. 

Last night DH watched, laughing helplessly, as I tried to pour a glass of diet coke while Smoke was sitting across my throat and objecting to every arm movement.  First the paw stretched out lazily in front of the bottle, then the tail wafting and shedding over the glass, it was a masterclass in how a cat can interfere with a drink.  And they want to open a cafe.

All I can say to them is, 'Good luck!  You will need it!'

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Unwelcome insight

I think that the amount of organisation in a household is inversely proportionate to the number of books on organising, decluttering, getting organised, decluttering for ever and general housewifery. 

My shelves are heaving with the things and I still can't keep track. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to write 5000 words per day. 

Even if my count includes blog posts I haven't got within sight of the total.  I am looking at the silver lining here - it is a great incentive to write loads tomorrow to catch up. 

As for the other resolutions, least said, soonest mended!