Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Smoke finally got me!

I've had plenty of cat scratches in my time.  I was first 'blessed' with a cat on 6 November 1990 and there are times you learn the hard way.

I have come to know and loathe the thin, itchy, sore scratches that meant that the cat in question didn't want to be picked up, thank you so much, not did the creature want to be stroked there, thank you so much.  I have had the network of scratches all over my chest from being used as a combination of cat bed and launching pad.

Shadow managed some serious scratches in her time.  Smudge wasn't too bad, despite his massive talons.  Up until now, however, Smoke hasn't done too much damage.  Normally she would bite and hiss.  The few scratches that ds has picked up along the way have all been hair thin (though some of those type of scratches can really sting).  Even with the untrimmed claws I have just had a bit of a puncture pattern from her habit of climbing up my north face and sleeping across my throat.  However today Smoke scored a serious hit.

I had just had a bath and my legs were bare.  Smoke jumped down, landed on my leg by accident (blind as a bat), her untrimmed claws sunk in and so for the last ten minutes I have been mopping up running blood.  I am unimpressed.  It has slowed down, obviously, or I wouldn't be typing this, but I have still managed to make a nice pile of blood soaked tissues.

Smoke is now begging, slowly and creakily, for treats.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Not enough time

There is not enough time - and I am held back because I have a tabby fighting me for the keyboard.  But how many ideas for stories are there out there!  There is a story on the BBC website here which tells of an old house where they have found a room with no windows and no doors - they only found it when they were putting in internet.

Was it for a priest during the days of the persecution of Catholics?  Possibly not, it seems a bit late though I am not an expert.  Was it for a mad wife?  A disobedient child?  Was it for forbidden treasure or was someone hoping to conjure Mephistopheles?

Sigh.  Too many stories out there to write.


I have been known to do the ego trip of googling 'Lyssa Medana' and seeing what comes up.  It's the usual places, and I don't mind.  Publishing two unadvertised books since May last is not going to make me into an internet sensation.

I have found my pen name in some odd places, but none that I minded.  However can I just say that the stuff that I have written is likely to be at it's cheapest at Smashwords, and I get the biggest cut there.  Other places sell it at around the same price, like the Sony ebook store and Kobo, and I think Diesel.  If you are happy shopping there, that's great.

I have found stuff elsewhere slightly more expensive, and I wouldn't get a bigger cut.  If that suits you, then that's fine, but I thought it worth giving a heads up.

As far as I can tell, less than a year in, I'm not likely to get rich from writing.  And I'm okay with that as well.  I like writing.  So far my royalties probably haven't covered the cost of electric for the  computer but who knows.  Smashwords give me a really generous cut of what they get.  I am grateful that anyone has paid for my stuff.  If you are going to give me the kindness of paying for what I write, the least I can do is point you in the direction where you pay the least.

And thank you for reading my stuff.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Smoke is sulking

Smoke has always had a bad habit of standing to scratch.  She looks like a small terrier when she does that, to a chorus of 'sit down to scratch!'  She really does give the dignity and elegance of cats a bad name.

She just tried to scratch her ear with her hind leg, standing as usual, misjudged and fell over.

I laughed like a drain, so she is sitting across my throat again, leaking smells and I am hoping my touch typing survives typing around a very cross tabby.  She will forget very soon though, or rather, she will know she is sulking but can't remember why.  In some cats of nearly nineteen it could be a sign of senility, but not Smoke.  She's always been like this.  If she did go senile we would never notice.  She may have gone senile already.  She can still manage to steal from an unattended plate.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Feline fed up

If the local cats don't stop their love-in soon I am going to be reaching for a bucket of water!

(and yes, I will feel guilty when faced with a soggy moggy, but really, you couldn't write what is going on in a family show.  Cats have no shame, or volume control)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

So much material...

One of our local museums (we are blessed here) will be having an exhibition on lucky objects.  Their promotional email said, 

'Explore popular beliefs and rituals, attitudes to risk, gambling and games of chance at this new exhibition. Unusual objects range from Ancient Egyptian amulets, lucky horse shoes and Ouija boards to lottery tickets and furry dice.'

It's a story waiting to happen, isn't it, really.  I mean, what if some of them really are magical?  what if they interact?  What if a mad scientist has finally identified the artefact that actually works but it all goes horribly wrong?  I've got to write it.  Just after the other twenty plus ideas I have cued up.  

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I like a challenge

I have just reached a pivotal moment in Digging up the Past, a scene which the whole of the story hinges on.  I am really keen to crack on with it, there are a lot of details I need to get just right, I can barely tear myself away from it.

Of course, it is made easier to break off by the massive amount of building work they are doing in the house behind which sounds like they have knocked down more walls than are actually in the building.  Ds is also poorly and I am putting in a lot of miles as a result.  I don't begrudge ds, and I just hope that after the building work we get nice neighbours, but really, timing is everything!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting used to things

I am now on a 'new to me' laptop and I miss my mouse!!!!!  Sorry for the exclamation marks, there, but I really am at least five exclamation marks stressed by no mouse.  I also am finding the keyboard layout a bit of a trial.  When you use backspace as much as I do, and it moves, you are challenged.

The other interesting thing is watching the shortcuts on my toolbar grow.  Obviously I have BBC news and hotmail.  I have a few fragments to show I am trying to be a proper author and put up interesting things on facebook and twitter.  I don't actually have much to say that is worth putting on facebook and twitter but I am at least making a token effort.  There is the Amazon self publishing home page, and Smashwords (I love Smashwords) and Goodreads.  I have Wikipedia up there, as I am always looking for information - like how to make a mickey finn and whether I could get the ingredients on ebay.

But speaking of ebay, it is the shopping that is spreading slowly but surely along the toolbar. All those lovely links to cut price shopping.  I am considering hiding those as I am doing far too much shopping as it is.