Friday, 25 October 2013

Precipice 13

My good friend and invaluable support, Thomas Marlowe, is published in the latest anthology from Write on Edge. 

Anyone interested can find it on Smashwords for any ebook format, Amazon UK in print and kindle and Amazon US also in print and kindle. 

I am so hoping I can persuade him to expand his idea, he has such great talent. 

Broken Laptop

The case has gone on my laptop.  It was 'new to me' and inexpensive so I was okay with that.  However I could do without it - I've about 5000 words left on Digging up the Past and I left it at the start of a big scene. 

One thing that was really important.  I had to clear my browsing history.  The very nice man who will be mending my laptop is connected to my husband's work.  I didn't want to try and explain that all the searches on how to kill someone were research for a novel.  I wasn't sure I would be believed.  The tags on the browser bar are bad enough.  If we met up at a work do I would probably get a funny look just on those. 

So only a few thousand words more, then I am probably going to work on 'A Quiet Halloween'.  Or perhaps 'A King's Silver'.  Or possibly 'A Shop Full of Secrets'.  That is, once I've got my laptop back.