Monday, 6 February 2017

One of THOSE days

In no particular order...

I've lost the stick blender.
I've jammed the chopping thingy that's supposed to be all that and I managed to jam it before I've even used it.
I've dropped and knocked things every time I've moved.
I've done something extremely strange to the printer and I only realised when it was printing page 40 of 25.
I can't find my letter for the hospital for tomorrow.
I gave up on washing up when I found that the reason the sink wasn't draining was because the outside drain was blocked (again) so I had to go out and poke it with a stick.  I had already dropped so much and we only have two spare plates.
I was outwitted by the shower.
The fireplace keeps singing at me.  It may be the wind on the top of the chimney but that would be a very dull reason.

At the moment I'm not sure I'm safe with a spoon so I think I will go to bed as soon as bear drops off and hope that I'm safer tomorrow.